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About 25% of all adults who have a tattoo decide they want it removed later in life. If you want to be free of a tattoo, but worry about the process, take heart -- today’s advanced lasers make removal easy and quick. Doohi Lee, MD, FAARM, at Advanced Surgical Arts expertly removes tattoos using one of today’s most powerful lasers, the StarWalker®. Its technology removes all traces of tattoos, even multicolored art, in fewer treatments than other options. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Plano, Texas, or book an appointment online.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How do lasers remove tattoos?

Lasers remove tattoos without harming your skin by using wavelengths of light energy that are only absorbed by the colored pigments in tattoo ink. The ink is destroyed as it absorbs laser energy, then the waste is gradually removed by your body.

At Advanced Surgical Arts, Dr. Lee uses an advanced laser, the Fotona StarWalker® ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse), which provides a high-powered solution for quicker tattoo removal.

What are the advantages of tattoo removal using the StarWalker laser?

The StarWalker combines ultra-short pulse technology with four different wavelengths. Here’s how those two qualities improve tattoo removal:

Ultra-short pulse technology

The super-fast and strong pulse penetrates deep below your skin without harming the skin’s surface. Then the fast pulse does a superior job of breaking tattoo ink into tiny, pulverized pieces that are easier for your immune system to clear away.

Four different wavelengths

Each wavelength specifically targets different pigments. When they’re all combined in one device, the laser is capable of removing all colors, including multicolor tattoos.

How many tattoo removal treatments will I need?

Every tattoo requires more than one treatment to remove all remnants of your tattoo. After examining your tattoo, Dr. Lee can determine the number of sessions you may need based on several qualities that affect tattoo removal, such as:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • Size and location of the tattoo
  • Number of colors
  • The depth of ink in your skin
  • Professional versus amateur tattoo
  • Quality of the tattoo

Tattoos that are deeper and have more colors need more treatments. Dr. Lee can usually remove an amateur tattoo in fewer sessions than a professional tattoo.

Your tattoo consists of multiple layers of ink that are absorbed by your skin. When they’re removed, they need to be treated one layer at a time, which takes several treatments.

What should you expect during and after treatment?

Tattoo removal is well-tolerated by most patients, but if you’re concerned, talk with Dr. Lee about getting a topical numbing or cooling cream.

You may develop slight, temporary swelling and redness in the treated area, but you can get back to your usual activities when your session is finished.

You’ll need to wait at least three weeks between treatments to give your body time to heal and clear away tattoo waste.

If you’d like to have a tattoo removed, call Advanced Surgical Arts or book an appointment online.