About Advanced Surgical Arts

Advanced Surgical Arts was established in Plano, Texas in 2003. With three board certifications, Dr. Doohi Lee is able to offer his patients a multi-faceted approach to health and well-being. Continuing education is a priority for Dr. Lee and he regularly attends seminars and conferences to expand his knowledge on cosmetic procedures and anti-aging. Dr. Lee constantly strives to investigate the latest and most minimally invasive procedures in cosmetic and vein surgery. His unified approach with artistry and technology provide our patients at Advanced Surgical Arts optimal results.

The Art of Beauty

Balancing Technology and Minimal Intrusion

To make You look as if nothing had been done,

As if no one has touched you –

Simply Natural, Youthful, and Beautiful . . .

Let us Guide You in Your Journey to

Achieve Your Unique Beauty

“Ars est celare artum” – Art conceals itself